Concert Halls in Budapest

Budapest has several concert halls, some of which have outstanding acoustics and high quality concerts. The concert halls were mostly to be concert halls in the 19th century with the exception of two of the most recent, contemporary concert halls the Palace of Arts and the Budapest Music Center.

Hungarian National Concert Hall

The Palace of Arts is in fact a larger cultural complex, which houses the Hungarian National Concert Hall named after Bela Bartok, Hungarian composer, as well as the Ludwig Museum with its contemporary art exhibits, and the Festival Theater. In addition to the top notch concerts (mostly classical music concerts) in the Bela Bartok National Concert Hall, there are free concerts on some weekdays in the halls and corridors of the Palace of Arts, whose contemporary design was very tech savvy regarding modern musical concert hall techniques.

Budapest Music Center

Budapest Music Center opened in 2013 with an impressive list of classical music concerts as well as jazz concerts. The contemporary design, minimalist concert hall is located by the biggest Budapest market hall, the Great Market Hall (Vasarcsarnok), which makes it a convenient location for matching sightseeing tours and city exploration with concerts in Budapest.

Concert Hall in the Hungarian Music Academy

The Hungarian Music Academy, Liszt Ferenc Zeneakademia (named after Franz Liszt Hungarian composer) is currently being under construction. The Art Nouveau concert hall is being restored maybe works will be finished by 2013 or 2014.

Buda Vigado Concert Hall

The Buda Vigado Concert Hall (Budai Vigado) is one of the historical concert halls in Budapest, where many events take place, among others, Hungarian Folk Shows.

Pest Vigado Concert Hall

The Pest Vigado Concert Hall (Pesti Vigado) is also a 19th century musical concert hall. Currently, unfortunately, closed, but soon to be open, maybe in 2013 or 2014. It has just been restored to its former glory. The concert hall has a perfect location in downtown Budapest, we are looking forward to enlisting the concerts and other events in this noble place in our Budapest Concert Calendar.

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